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Dr Adam Stewart



Dr. Adam (Chiropractor) is a chiropractor with 17 years experience in practice. He is passionate about preventative healthcare, with chiropractic, nutrition, exercise and meditation forming the basis of his health philosophy.

In 2014, Adam opened OptiStart Chiropractic with the aim of providing families with a healthier start to life. 

In 2009 Adam completed the 3 year postgraduate Chiropractic paediatric fellowship program and has researched Chiropractic solutions for children, publishing articles on syncope, breastfeeding, and craniosynostosis.

In his spare time, Adam is involved in the education of chiropractors through Vital Child Chiropractic Education, which holds informational seminars across Australia.

Adam is a chiropractor with a passion for empowering you to be able to live a “life without fear” by facilitating you to feel confident and in control of your health, and the health of your children. 

Dr Adam’s (Chiropractor) interests:
  • learning, mood, behaviour, concentration
  • retained primitive reflexes and cerebellar function 
  • infant (baby) care
  • posture, balance, co-ordination
  • sports performance
  • difficult problems

Dr Esther Finn


Dr Esther (Chiropractor) started her journey with Gonstead chiropractic as a young child and hasn’t looked back since.

Esther is originally from Adelaide and moved to Sydney to study at Macquarie University where she obtained a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and Masters of Chiropractic.

Esther regularly attends chiropractic and paediatric seminars to further her learning and ensure she is able to help you reach your potential! Esther also has a special interest in the care of pregnant women. 

Esther has always been very active and has participated in a numerous sports. She has represented South Australia over ten times at National Beach and Indoor Volleyball Championships so she understands the stress sport can place on your body.

Esther always found Gonstead Chiropractic was able to help her perform at her best!

Esther is passionate about living a healthy life and enjoys seeing her patient’s health improve with regular chiropractic care.

Dr Esther’s (Chiropractor) special interests:
  • pregnancy care
  • women’s health
  • teenagers/adolescence
  • musculoskeletal problems (back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines)
  • tradespeople – helping you function better in your trade. 

Alana Bell

Remedial Therapist


Alana lives locally in Berwick with her partner Lillian and their dogs and cats Ruby, Honey, Flick and Frankie.

She has obtained a diploma in Remedial Massage from the Victorian Fitness Academy, is a registered therapist with Massage and Myotherapy Australia and regularly updates her training and development.

Alana has been actively involved in health, fitness and wellbeing from a young age. She enjoys playing and watching a variety of sports including basketball, netball, cricket, and her passion AFL. She is the captain of her local team and has played senior football for almost twenty years.

Alana became a therapist foremost to better understand her own athletic conditioning, injury prevention and rehabilitation. Alana has developed a natural perception in assessment and treatment of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of her clients to help with pain and injury management.

Just some of the benefits of massage will increase circulation, relieve tension, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep and promote relaxation throughout the whole body.

Alana is enthusiastic to get you back in action and is here to support your health and well being needs.

Alana’s Special Interests
  • Muscular aches and pains
  • Musculoskeletal problems (e.g. low back pain, neck pain, headaches)
  • Stress relief
  • Relaxation
  • Sports taping 


Chiropractic Assistant (C.A.)

Lynette lives locally in Narre Warren North and is married, with three energetic children Luke, Caitlyn and Cooper. She enjoys a range of sports with her family, including netball, footy, motocross, mountain biking and keeping fit. She is passionate about Chiropractic care and uses it for herself and her family’s wellbeing.



Chiropractic Assistant (C.A.)

Jules lives in Guys Hill with her husband and two children Phoenix and Orlando. She loves to keep fit with her yoga practice and kick boxing. Jules has completed a Diploma in Counselling and is a Parent Coach. She is passionate about helping parents to communicate more effectively with their children. Her family’s health and well-being are a priority which includes Chiropractic care.




Liz and Adam are married with three children – Maddison, Kaia and Tejay. She loves helping people through Chiropractic and natural health solutions. Liz works behind the scenes at OptiStart Chiropractic. She enjoys reading, keeping fit and going for family walks and bike rides.

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